Apparently today is Intellectual Property Rights Day here at…

…because this apparently just went down.

For those not familiar: there was a thing going around where people would buy books on Kindle, read them, then return them for a full refund – which ended up costing the original authors money (it costs a little bit to deliver an e-book, and that gets paid by the author – and that fee doesn’t get refunded). Like most horrible online things in this era, it originated on TikTok, which is a barely-concealed data harvesting service for the goram ChiComs and should be banned from Western Society, and thankfully there were even then there were only a few wretches on that site willing to justify their thievery. All of those people are no doubt now upset over about Amazon’s ruling, and I hope their bile gives them all acid reflux.


I am, perhaps, biased about this subject.


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