GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND Revisions, 10/05/2022: 63270/80000.

Half of it is revising chapters, the other half is working on bits that need to be inserted into chapters. Slowish going, but necessary.

“What do you think of the terrorists, The Process?”

“In general, Wind-Walker Tanaka, or in the context of this particular situation?”

‘In general?’ That was new. “Let’s start with the first one.”

“I think that they are humans. Before you ask” — and yes, I was — “I say that because many of your people try to treat them as some sort of Other. Much like you do the space-happy, although there are significant differences between the two.”

“Both murder people, when they get the chance.”

“I would suggest that both murder people, when they feel the need,” The Process pointed out, in that ultra-reasonably way it has. “I can readily agree with the human assessment that the space-happy are violently insane, because they are. Their motivations are clouded by delusions, and their actions tainted by bloodlust. You cannot reason with the space-happy, only cure or kill them.”

“So far, I’m not arguing with you,” I replied. “So what are the terrorists, then? The violently sane?”

I meant it as a joke, but The Process wasn’t laughing. “Exactly! They are people who have observed their situation, made logical conclusions based on what they have observed, and are now acting accordingly. Their actions and reactions are reliable, where the madman’s is not.”