Weekend Highlight: My Short Story Collection TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION (Buy it!)

I need to do posts like this more often. As in, every week. Advertising doesn’t happen on its own!

Anyway, TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION is a collection of short stories from my post-apocalyptic fantasy series the… Fermi Resolution*. It’s nine centuries’ worth of adventure, exploration, fighting, scheming, and general derring-do, and attractively priced, to boot! For Tom Vargas fans, there’s a prequel to FROZEN DREAMS in here; and if you haven’t read MORGAN BAROD yet, there’s an adventure from that book in this collection.

Check it out today!

*Which tries to answer the eternal question about alien civilizations: Where the Hell is everybody? My answer is, Alien cultures discover magic, and promptly blow themselves up. Imagine what would happen if eight billion people woke up and discovered that they could download spells via their smartphones. Go ahead. Imagine.


One thought on “Weekend Highlight: My Short Story Collection TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION (Buy it!)”

  1. My personal best guess for the Fermi paradox is that FTL travel is either impossible (or else very hard to discover and/or very impractical).

    If there’s no FTL, that means travel time even to the nearest star could take multiple centuries. Who wants to go on a trip that you won’t survive to see the first stop?

    Maybe, maybe if something like ramjets or gravity shunts could take us to a significant fraction of c… even then, an interstellar journey just to our closest neighborhood would take a significant chunk out of your lifetime.

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