Welp, *my* car’s totaled.

My wife’s is fine, so Thanksgiving has not been cancelled. Anyway, that engine light thing translated to “replace the radiator, thermostat, and something else I didn’t hear because it didn’t matter at that point.” The estimated repairs, even from the place I trust, would blow through how much I was prepared to put into the car to keep it running. Now I have to figure out who to unload it on, particularly since it’d involve a tow*.

Personal anecdotes about getting rid of broken cars for money welcome.

Moe Lane

*I’d donate it, but money’s getting tighter right now**.

**I might still donate it anyway. I should eat something before I make bad decisions.

6 thoughts on “Welp, *my* car’s totaled.”

  1. Favorite story is the friend whose car was on its last legs .. she negotiated a trade-in and .. the old one literally died in the dealer’s lot the day she was picking up the new (to her) one.

    The eldest niece has a story about a certain minivan that had several doors that wouldn’t open, and if forced wouldn’t close that she managed to trade in…

    You can also try asking the mechanic for names of people who would “part it out”…


  2. Okay, none of that is all that difficult. Watch some youtube videos, dragoon the kids, and have some fun. You just need someplace you can work on it without having weather or the HOA interrupt you for a couple of days. (It’s a 3-4 hour job, but it never works out that way.)

    And for pete’s sake, get some redneck friends locally. We’d do it for beer.

    1. I’ve already made arrangements to have it taken away tomorrow. Two days from now I’m supposed to be in Pennsylvania, and AAA will start charging us storage fees. We were talking about going down to one car anyway.

  3. Sorry, hope you get it sorted out before they start trying to extract their pound of flesh for storage! When you’re young, noises that scare you come from under the bed. When you’re older they come from under the hood of your car…

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