7 thoughts on “GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS!”

  1. I just want to point out that Disney did a Guardians Of The Galaxy Christmas Special … and the soundtrack is surprisingly good, if obscure.


    p.s. yes, I think it is a callback to the Star Wars one …

  2. He is one of those artists that I am indifferent towards, I won’t change the channel but I won’t go looking for his music. Growing up in MI, we have Seger which fills a similar niche of blue collar classic rock.

  3. I don’t like him. I kind of like this. It’s kind of playful and goofy, in an endearing way. Better than pretending to be a working class poet/troubadour.

  4. I have always enjoyed this take on this song. I am Hit or Miss on a lot of Mr. Springsteen’s music, with more miss than hit, but definitely some that I like.

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