11/30/2022 NaNoWriMo, BANSHEE BEACH: 636/50013. [Victory!]

I consider this a victory, given that I lost pretty much a week to Covid. Well, four or five days. If I had managed to still have those, I probably would have hit 60K. 50K is supposed to be the target number anyway.

I showed her the drawing of the yapokvil Henry had sketched out for me.. “So, we got this showing up in places it shouldn’t be. This look familiar at all?”
The Banshee scowled at it. “You mean, as a Dominion monster? No. Absolutely not. No sane breedmaster would try.”
“So, you do recognize it?”
“Hold on, Shamus. You don’t?”
“Oh, sure. It’s a yapokvil. Monster from south of here. Only it doesn’t act like a monster does.”
“That’s because it’s not a monster. It’s called an ahuizotl, and it’s a…” Her mouth worked, like it didn’t like the word, either. “It’s a fiend.”
“You mean, like something theurgical? I thought the Dominion didn’t believe in stuff like that?”
“They don’t, Shamus. That’s why the breedmasters wouldn’t dare try to work with ahuizotl. Those things would be immune to every beast control spell the Dominion has. That’s one reason they always kept the breeding pits on the Gulf Coast: in case someone made a mistake, and tried to work with a non-physical monster.”
“Gotcha. So, what are ahuizotl; and if they’re theurgical, how do you know about them?”
The Banshee smiled, and it wasn’t a very nice one — but it wasn’t directed at me. “I know about them because I’m smarter than most of the idiots sent here, so I went and read up on legends on the local area. There was an old religion here, almost a thousand years ago…”

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  1. Typo alert.

    He held the sticks like he knew how to use them, either.

    Either should maybe be also or too?


    1. And… “… was holding one of those damned statues by the next with one hand …”. Next? Neck? Net?


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