When they told me they were making a COCAINE BEAR movie…

…I was happy! And I was sore afraid. I was sore afraid that they would not find it within themselves to make the COCAINE BEAR movie of my dreams. I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew I would be able to tell you if they got it wrong.

My friends. If this trailer is any indication, they did not get it wrong.

This is going to be so good… and so dumb… and then so good, again.

5 thoughts on “When they told me they were making a COCAINE BEAR movie…”

  1. If this is his last film, it’ll be a good one. I’m going to avoid IMDB and hope for another nice after-life surprise though.

  2. It does have that sort of “snakes on a plane” feel to it. You know – that “This movie is exactly what it is, and feels no need for any sense of shame about that.”

  3. Watched the trailer. Either this film is a stroke of genius or it is a sign of the coming Apocalypse. Please don’t tell me it’s both.

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