New cast members reported for Season 2 of LET’S PLAY: MIDDLE-EARTH ROLEPLAYING.

Just in case you were wondering whether there was actually going to be a second season of RINGS OF POWER. I am obligated to tell you that, yes, there will be. I unironically recommend that you do what I do, which is to pretend that this is somebody’s old college campaign on the small screen – and, as such, is not obligated to be canonical. Then you can focus on the stuff that’s not bad, like the Dwarven family life and a surprising amount of the proto-hobbit stuff and the way that Sauron… yeah, actually, that’s how Sauron would go about it.

You might as well, because I guess Bezos paid ahead of time anyway?

One thought on “New cast members reported for Season 2 of LET’S PLAY: MIDDLE-EARTH ROLEPLAYING.

  1. Hard pass.

    On your recommendation, I tried the first episode of Wednesday.
    I mostly liked it, which was a surprise, since Tim Burton tends to annoy me.
    For once, it didn’t seem like all his punchlines were landing a half-beat late. (Yes, it’s personal and subjective. It also makes me want to throw things at the screen.) A few still struck me that way, but it was occasional, rather than a drumbeat.

    Things I didn’t like:
    Gomez is so horribly miscast, that it has to be a deliberate subversion. I don’t care so much about the Spaniard-to-Mexican shift, but even I can come up with several Mexican actors who can project glib, suave, elegant, and dangerous. The chosen actor projects the opposite of those things.
    I realize it’s Hollywood, and that Politically Correct genuflections have to be made, but there’s serious overachieving in the amount of groveling. Expect it in every other to every third scene.

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