New cast members reported for Season 2 of LET’S PLAY: MIDDLE-EARTH ROLEPLAYING.

Just in case you were wondering whether there was actually going to be a second season of RINGS OF POWER. I am obligated to tell you that, yes, there will be. I unironically recommend that you do what I do, which is to pretend that this is somebody’s old college campaign on the small screen – and, as such, is not obligated to be canonical. Then you can focus on the stuff that’s not bad, like the Dwarven family life and a surprising amount of the proto-hobbit stuff and the way that Sauron… yeah, actually, that’s how Sauron would go about it.

You might as well, because I guess Bezos paid ahead of time anyway?

So I watched LOTR: ROP.

…I applaud the mad genius who convinced Jeff Bezos to turn what looked like a homebrew Lord of the Rings campaign using the 4e D&D rules into a major television series. Although your silver tongue is wasted upon such activities, my friend. You should be using your supernatural charm to promote something nobler, like clean water charities.

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The “real, official, we mean it this time” LoTR: POW Amazon trailer.

[UPDATE: Screw it, I’m leaving it that way.]

The ironic bit? This would be a pretty good TTRPG campaign. Or video game. It’s a shame they decided to make LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RINGS OF POWER a TV show.

:sigh: Yeah, I’m still gonna watch. Don’t say it, I already know.

The latest LORD OF THE RINGS: RINGS OF POWER sneak peek.

…I don’t have a single damned idea just what’s happening here.

That’s supposed to be, what, Sauron crash-landing in Middle Earth in the Second Age? That’s my best guess. And I should be able to make a coherent guess. LotR is supposed to be something I know something about.

The Obligatory “Yes, it is pretty” LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RINGS OF POWER Amazon teaser trailer.

:sigh: All right, let’s have a look at the bastard*.

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