The latest LORD OF THE RINGS: RINGS OF POWER sneak peek.

…I don’t have a single damned idea just what’s happening here.

That’s supposed to be, what, Sauron crash-landing in Middle Earth in the Second Age? That’s my best guess. And I should be able to make a coherent guess. LotR is supposed to be something I know something about.

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  1. You have no idea what’s going on because you are laboring under the delusion that the work will be remotely faithful to the source material.

    It won’t be.

    And in addition to the storyline liberties, you might also begin to dread the ‘virtue’-signaling that is sure to occur and which would make the deeply Christian Tolkien recoil in horror.

  2. I read the Silmarillion a long time ago, but I think it said that Sauron was one of Morgoth’s lieutenants. So I don’t think he rode a meteorite to Middle Earth. He was already there.

    Maybe that is the metal Sauron uses to forge the rings. Or maybe it’s just a meteor. Or it could be hundreds of millions of dollars burning up in the atmosphere.

    1. Not gonna lie: if it turns out to be a spaceship I’ll be oddly feeling better about this show. If they’re making sh*t up anyway: just lean into it, guys.

    2. Here’s the thing: Papa Bezos didn’t buy rights to the Silmarillion, only the LotR *Appendices*. That’s about enough to slap the title on a couple things, and the rest will be PrimeOriginal level writing.

      I will watch on the off chance it crosses over to so-bad-its-a-meme like Bakshi’ animated LotR.

      1. That’s an important warning, and a good clarification, nicklevi86.

        I think there is room for some very interesting stories in the Appendices. But getting them in the right style while also weaving the narrow path between alluding to the rest of the history without violating your license is a writing challenge that I don’t think PrimeOriginal level writing (or editors!) are you to.

        Bakshi level bad might be our best hope.

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