The “real, official, we mean it this time” LoTR: POW Amazon trailer.

[UPDATE: Screw it, I’m leaving it that way.]

The ironic bit? This would be a pretty good TTRPG campaign. Or video game. It’s a shame they decided to make LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RINGS OF POWER a TV show.

:sigh: Yeah, I’m still gonna watch. Don’t say it, I already know.

2 thoughts on “The “real, official, we mean it this time” LoTR: POW Amazon trailer.”

  1. I get it now! See, in the multiverse, there’s another Middle Earth, and in THAT Middle Earth, there was no Kinslaying, and Galadriel is a sword-wielding, elven Red Sonja, and Beren and Luthien were a couple of innkeepers, and the Rings of Power were made for the Tower of Power, which in this Middle Earth, was not a band.

    While you’re watching it, if you just repeat Multiverse, Multiverse Multiverse, you will be able to watch it without muttering like a crazy person or throwing things at the television.

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