5 thoughts on “The ‘This is very, VERY Bioshock’ JUDAS reveal trailer.”

  1. I’ve enjoyed most of Ken Levine’s games, but Infinite actively pissed me off. I just hope his massive ego hasn’t gotten in the way of Judas too.

  2. It’s got style. I’ll give it that.

    On the other hand, the title tells me it’s going to deliberately try to piss me off.
    I can get that from just watching the broadcast news.
    (I didn’t play Infinite for much the same reason.)

    I’m too old to have “fear of missing out” over a game, and I don’t like giving my money to someone who hates my guts.

    1. I give Bioshock: Infinite credit for pissing off everybody out there who doesn’t like to be reminded that Commie revolutions end up shooting everybody wearing glasses for being potentially dangerous intellectuals.

      1. That was a high point, but I couldn’t forgive the way Levine used Booker’s Baptism as his heel turn moment, without having someone explain how “Comstock” completely misunderstood what Baptism is/does. It’s such a basic point of Christianity that washing away sins is not the same thing as VALIDATING those sins, that to mess that up amounted to slander, and soured the rest of the experience. Either Levine doesn’t understand Christianity (possible) or he got lazy or he wanted to take a jab a Christians… I don’t know which, but it was gross and ugly.

      2. Add to that all the gameplay sins that game racked up compared to his other games and woof. Such a wasted effort.

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