The VELMA Honest Trailer.

Humor me for a moment. I want you to smell your monitor. No, seriously. Get your nose right up to the screen, and take a good sniff. Smell that?

That’s Honest Trailers’ hate for VELMA.

Although ‘hate’ is the wrong word: ‘purifying rage’ would probably be a better fit. Honest Trailers doesn’t fear VELMA: they merely wish to banish the show back to whatever malignant parallel dimension it originally spawned from. That’s an important distinction, I feel.

Moe Lane

PS: No, seriously, this review would cause boils in the production staff if it ever got played in an area with a sufficiently-high mana level.

8 thoughts on “The VELMA Honest Trailer.”

  1. From the Wikipedia page:
    “Audience reception was overwhelmingly negative.”
    “It became one of the lowest-rated television shows on IMDb”
    “A second season is in development.”

  2. I see shows like Bojack Horseman, and I conclude that yes, there *is* an audience out there for shows that inflict misery on their viewers. Maybe… this is part of the same thing? Somehow?

  3. I feel sorry for whoever that’s task to actually watch the show to put together this video. But it’s the job they signed up for.

  4. “Despite the criticism, the series has become the most-watched animated show on the streaming platform.”

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