Space Force reopening historical launch pads.

Which, honestly, is as it should be: “The U.S. Space Force is allocating three launch complexes at Cape Canaveral, including one used for several NASA Mercury missions six decades ago, to four small launch vehicle startups as the service tries to keep up with growing launch demand.” The Mercury pads are historic sites, yes. They’re also historic because that’s where people strove to put rockets in the sky. Put a brass placard on the side of the building, maybe add a mural, and get those sites working again.

Via Glenn Reynolds.

2 thoughts on “Space Force reopening historical launch pads.”

  1. One day my descendants will stand outside the dome carefully preserving where Buzz and Neil cavorted on an alien world and marvel that their home was once a barren, lifeless rock. Then they will go golf in the sea of tranquility with neither domes nor suits between them and space.

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