Still feeling like crud.

Everybody here’s either sick, cranky, or just ready for Spring Break. It was an unfriendly winter, let me tell you. I’m absolutely ready for hotter weather and longer days.

I’m taking it easy today, and maybe tomorrow, too.

5 thoughts on “Still feeling like crud.”

      1. For a given value of better. Longbows require a significant investment on the part of the user; crossbows can easily be deadly in the hands of an untrained peasant. On the other hand early crossbows lacked range and penetration compared to shortbows, much less longbows.

        1. Well… early crossbows were around 600 BC or so, and the longbow wasn’t developed until about 1180 AD, so that’s maybe not so surprising. By the point the longbow was in heavy usage in the English military (1300s or so) the comparable crossbows had *plenty* of penetration. The issue was that their rate of fire was lousy by comparison, and they generally required assistants to do the cranking for them. Crossbow mercs were *expensive*. Of course, you didn’t have to start by training their grandfathers.

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