I will be doing an Author Talk with @frightreads on April 6th.

FrightReads Book Fest is a Maryland book festival that I’ve been attending for the last two years. It’s a lot of fun, and very vendor-friendly: I sell a decent number of books, and get to meet a bunch of other indy writers there. It’s pretty successful, too. This year, FrightReads has been expanded to the whole weekend (Sept 30 – October 1st), and they’re coming up with other ways to expand their reach.

One of these is their Author Talks program, in which they, you know, talk to an author via Facebook Live. I’ll be on it on April 6th, from 7 PM until whatever. The link is here: be sure to check it out, on the day!

Speaking of check it out… my new chapbook COVENANTS is out.

Four tales of agreements! Follow along as MARIE VISITS THE CONTINENT, on a mission of delicacy, and monsters. Sally forth with Duchess Carlotta into a zombie-haunted world as she takes THE QUEST FROM CASTLE WINDERMERE. Go on a TOUR OF DUTY in the interstellar spaces between charnel worlds. And lastly, discover with our horrified narrator that, after long, long years… THE STARS ARE WRONG. Enjoy! (Four stories, fifty eight thousand words total, each with its own illustration.)