Feeling better, but busy weekend.

I’m running field coordination for my SCA barony’s event next weekend, which is happens to be the latest coronation for my SCA kingdom. That means I spend this weekend playing Land Allotment Tetris… which will be promptly folded, spindled, and mutilated when we have a walkthrough on Sunday. Which is awesome! We still need to have the rough draft to beat into the ground, though.

That’s not the only thing I gotta do, though. I could give you a whole list, but the only potentially thing of outside interest is: my birthday’s next week! Fifty-three! Huzzah. Yes, yes, it definitely beats the alternative. So if you want to celebrate it with me, buy my books. That is always an appropriate gift for an author, by the way: buy a copy (or more!) of their book and give it to somebody. We love that.

2 thoughts on “Feeling better, but busy weekend.”

  1. Beats the alternative all right! I thought I was the only one who said that about getting older, and I am glad to be proven wrong.

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