The whole family’s going to this one. We can’t wait! …Been taking the kids to the movies a bunch of times this year, actually. It’s nice. I’ve been looking forward to that.

3 thoughts on “The final trailer for SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE.”

  1. Good man.

    Gotta make the memories to cherish ‘em later on .


    p.s. also hoping the film is good

  2. Memories to cherish are great!

    Right now, I’m stuck looking at a sink on the floor, and wondering how long it’ll be before I can laugh about it.

    The clumsy idiot of a St. Bernard who likes to a) latch himself in the bathroom, then b) panic, shattered the pedestal earlier in the week.
    But I believe in overengineering, and had the sink very securely attached to the wall. I thought I’d have time for my wife to find exactly what she’d like to replace it with.
    Then the autistic kid decided to jump on top of the bloody sink to look in the fricking mirror… (She’s fine. I wasn’t quite fast enough to stop her from doing the inconceivable thing, but reacted in plenty of time to keep her from getting hurt.)

    Well, my weekend is shot.
    (Putting a new sink in should only take half an hour or so. Drywall, a bit less. But the recriminations…)

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