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  1. Another possibility, the Murdered God had(has?) a friend among his fellow deities who would just as soon see his buddy make a comeback and doesn’t mind covertly diverting some of his power to sponsor the miracles of Brother Lindon. It has to be covert because if he allows it to be known that he is the power behind the miracles that won’t do much to revive the Murdered God. From his point of view one possible problem with this approach is knowing when to withdraw his power so that the revived Murdered God can start standing on his own again.

    Another possible problem from his point of view, and another reason to keep this covert, is that anyone who took down the Murdered God can probably do the same to him and there’s a difference between trying to heal his buddy and joining him in death. He’s not so brave that he’s ready to do the latter. Especially since that would leave his own worshippers high and dry.

    1. …and therein lies the motivation even if he isn’t a particularly *good* friend, because if the strategy works *at all* well, it’s got a good chance of waking up the Murdered God at least far enough to find out the killer… and who that was and how are matters of keen personal interest among the other gods.

      1. I could even see a Loki trying to revive a Thor this way. Okay, so Loki is much more likely to get bored and spoil the whole thing and Loki is typically depicted as being on the darker side of the alignment spectrum so he probably would have a hard time watching Brother London work in opposition to his aims. Nevertheless, a good rival is hard to come by and makes life so much fun; just ask Megamind.

        1. Oh my goodness! What if it was some sort of god of malicious trickery all along? He’s just in it for the absolute overwhelming social coup of being able to kill another god and then bring them back *just so he could rub it in*.

  2. Brother Lindon has strong Small Gods vibes. I would be tempted to have him visited by a talking tortoise.

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