5 thoughts on “Book of the Week: …you tell me?”

  1. How about something by Michael Connelly? A Bosch or a Mickey Haller novel might fit the bill. Or perhaps a Louis L’Amour novel like “The Quick and the Dead” or “Sackett’s Land”. A foray outside of fantasy and science fiction can be refreshing sometimes.

    1. Bosch? Start with “Black Echo”. I read Connelly up to the 13th .. couldn’t make the jump to the next one. Solid series, well written.

      Wilson’s Repairman Jack is also interesting.. “The Tomb” hits atmospheric weird very well.. and Jack is a subtly unreliable narrator.

      Aaronovich’s Peter Grant is another well-written series: the first book, “Midnight Riot”, sets off events that are still working themselves out across three continents and two separate series (one of books, one of graphic novels) tracking two different protagonists.

      No shortage of good books being written.. finding the diamonds among the crud is the challenge…. Moe’s one of the opinions I trust for that.


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