Well, the weather seems to be behaving for tomorrow.

No rain, and below eighty degrees. I can work with that. The real question is, will I die from embarrassment and shame at how neo-SCAdian MORGAN BAROD is? I mean, it’s much more Eastrealm* than Atlantian**, but surely somebody will notice…

On the other hand, my wife and I are mostly just taking a day together in the fresh air; hanging out, seeing people, and hopefully clearing out some of our spare gear and stuff. I’m not scheduled to do anything, and that suits me just fine. I gotta do a working event later in the year, so let everybody else run around tomorrow for a change.

*Basically, the Mid-Atlantic Coast from Delaware to New England.

**Basically, the Mid-Atlantic Coast from Maryland to Georgia.

One thought on “Well, the weather seems to be behaving for tomorrow.”

  1. I’m going to wager the take will be positive.

    It’s SCAdian in a good light, and a good adventure tale.

    Just … stay away from the vampires.


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