Magic’s funny. One second, I couldn’t see the pale, writhing strips of dark light swaying in the breezeless hallway in front of us; the next second, I could. That wasn’t the weird part. What was hurting my brain was how I now knew those strips had always been there, and I could remember the way we brushed them aside casually. I didn’t even have an urge to do the same now. It was just something that I would do, as a matter of course…

I assume the trap would have worked if I was an actual human. It might have trapped an elf or dwarf, too.  But since I was instead just wearing a human skin, I managed to recognize the compulsion in time, stopping my hand from moving with just a small amount of visible trembling. “Don’t touch anything!” I human-hissed. “Hands in pockets.”

“Screw you,” Jim growled, rough enough for me to take a look. All three halflings looked weirdly pissed, but they still had their hands shoved in their jacket pockets. Good enough.