Adventures in toilet repair!

We’ve got an imperfectly functioning toilet mechanism. It’s not a problem with the seals, and my wife and I both think it’s not going to require popping off the tank to fix it. I have the parts I need, and I’ll tackle the job after lunch. It’ll either be a half hour job, or all day today and tomorrow. Wish me luck!

[UPDATE: Well, I had to pop out for a proper wrench. But everything SEEMS to be working all right, now. Giving it a couple of hours to break entertainingly, though.]

4 thoughts on “Adventures in toilet repair!”

  1. Any man who can be entertained by a broken toilet is a better man than me. Then again, the 19th century septic system we were using went belly up, and we had raw sewage flow up into the shower, so I might be biased when it comes to this issue.

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