My convention schedule for October and November.

Just as a reminder:

  • September 30 – October 1st: Fright Reads. Now two days! Two weeks away!
  • October 7-8: Stellar Con. Three weeks away! This is also being combined with a single-night vacation, because my wife feels I rather need one.
  • November 3-4: Doxacon. New! I might have GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND ready and in print for that one. Might.

I don’t expect many venues in December, if any, but I’ll be talking to bookstores and whatnot about doing book signings for GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND. If anybody knows of 1Q 2024 venues within reasonable driving distance of southern Maryland, now is the time to tell me…

Moe Lane

PS: Buy my books!