Patreon Microfiction: From The Saga Of Brad Just Brad.

I read somewhere ‘Hwaet!’ was basically the Old (Middle?) English equivalent of ‘Yo!’ or ‘Dude!’ I thus saw no reason why not to incorporate that into ‘From The Saga Of Brad Just Brad.’ It fits the aesthetic.

PS: My wife is the medievalist, not me (I’m a generalist). I’m probably NOT finishing it.

One thought on “Patreon Microfiction: From The Saga Of Brad Just Brad.”

  1. On one paw .. darn!
    On another paw.. that’s a little hard to read.. surfer-valley-medievalist …

    On another paw… good! To write books giving us glimpses into other cultures, it’s necessary to know how valspeak surfer culture adopted certain medieval traditions … but not to have the entire ballad.


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