So, Osprey Publishing is in the gaming business now.

I apologize in advance for the future state of your wallets. But it makes a good deal of sense, really. Lots of gamers buy Osprey’s military books. Lots of wargamers buy their books. Osprey has clearly decided that they should just eliminate the middleman and sell wargames to their existing clientele directly.

I’m looking at this one in particular:

Admittedly, A WAR TRANSFORMED: WWI ON THE DOGGERLAND FRONT is a wargame, not an RPG. But it’s a killer concept! A bit expensive for me, these days, but maybe I can save up for it.

2 thoughts on “So, Osprey Publishing is in the gaming business now.”

  1. I am interested in this. I think I would enjoy playing an RPG in this setting as well.

    Alas, I have no time to do either of them these days.

  2. When they published that book by Kenneth Hite in 2016, I figured it was only a matter of time.

    I didn’t expect it to take this long.

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