The “…Wait. Where’s the war?” THE CAINE MUTINY COURT MARTIAL trailer.

Seriously, where is the war?

Both the movie and the book exist in the context of World War II, and the stresses that it provoked in American naval personnel. Queeg has a legitimate reason to be erratic, in both cases: ‘American naval officer’ was a highly dangerous and toll-taking job in the 1940s. I’m not really sure that a peacetime story can work, in this context.

Guess we’ll see.


11 thoughts on “The “…Wait. Where’s the war?” THE CAINE MUTINY COURT MARTIAL trailer.”

  1. I don’t see the need to “update” this for Modern Audiences™. The story seems singularly placed in it’s own time?

        1. I think it’s not. Hollywood disagrees with me, but also doesn’t want to face up to the implications of said disagreement, which includes “don’t remake the Golden Age of WWII Movies flicks.”

  2. This is my point: if the only reason for doing this is to have a “more diverse cast” for Modern Audiences™, they will have about as much success as the rest of Hollywood that’s tried this.

    BRB I have to short more Disney stock….

    1. Apropos of nothing, I kinda want to see a real Guy Ritchie Rapunzel flick where he’s allowed to have guns and swearing. I mean, he’d totally keep the hair. She’d be this tattooed improvised weapon fighting chick and Flynn Rider will be at first all like, “This is why God gave us twin pistols,” and then she’d start beating people up with a frying pan and he’d end up trying one himself and be like, “Mama, I got to get me one of these!” and I don’t know how Guy’d do the horse fighting with a sword scene but it’d make me laugh so to heck with everybody else and – look, I’m not totally AGAINST the idea, okay?

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