So, I have to deal with eye stuff today.

I’ve been having a little trouble with double vision in the morning, and when I went to go get glasses, the eye doctor insisted I get that checked out with meaningful but not panicky speed. Fortunately, there’s a place just down the road that can do tests today. After looking up everything, I’m pretty sure it’s not diabetes (would have shown up in the retinal pictures), multiple sclerosis (no other symptoms), an aneurysm (ditto), or a stroke (either my wife or I would have noticed that). It’s almost certainly because I go to bed too late and get up too early*, but best to check it out anyway.

*I mean, I’m yawning as I write this. I was proud of myself because I got just over six hours last night, for once. Guess who’s going to no longer hear the chimes of midnight, dammit?

One thought on “So, I have to deal with eye stuff today.”

  1. Heh. Nobody gets past 50 without the check engine light coming on.

    More seriously, if you sleep until 8:30, midnight is perfectly acceptable.

    Oh, the kids? Well …


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