My mini-review of THE MARVELS.

Short version: …look, it was fine, okay?

Slightly longer version: pretty much the short version, with a bit of ‘THE MARVELS would have made a lot more money in 2020’ tacked on. It was all right. I’m not saying it was spectacular, because it wasn’t. The percentage of the population who watched two particular television series and the first movie is a lot lower than Marvel apparently thinks, and that’s going to hurt box office. And we’ve got superhero fatigue out the literal wazoo at this point.

But it was funny, and at its best when it was gonzo. I laughed. There were a reasonable number of moments where I laughed. The trick is not to take the movie seriously, and you’ll be all right.

4 thoughts on “My mini-review of THE MARVELS.”

  1. You have a forgiving nature which I do not possess. It does open up opportunities for entertainment for you which are closed to me, so it’s probably a useful trait.

  2. For me, the draw of MCU movies has been mostly about the characters and their story arcs. My problem here is that Captain Marvel (at least as portrayed by Brie Larson) seems to be bland as unflavored oatmeal whenever she’s turned up in the past, and I don’t see anything in the trailers for this movie that makes me think that’s changed.

    1. There’s a reason Marvel kept that character in a coma for a couple of decades. (The actress being an entitled :@&$& who feels a compulsion to burnish her “man hating feminist” card doesn’t help.)

      Supers are defined by their disads. Spider-Man has his guilt complex, Batman has his obsession, Ironman is a deathseeker with a delusion that he’s incapable of love, etc.
      And she doesn’t have any.
      They made a distaf Superman, without the vulnerability, enemies, sense of duty, code of conduct, or dependents, hammered her into The Chosen One archetype, and made the mother of all Mary Sues.
      It failed.

      So they stuck her in a hospital bed, and left her there.
      Where she actually served a narrative purpose. (Rogue was a great character. the guilty secret of “stole most of Carol Danvers’ powers”, fit very nicely with the intimacy problems of “cannot touch others without harming them”, and the social status of “hatred and feared minority”, and juxtaposed almost ideally with the archetype of “Southern woman, sweet with a spine of steel”.)

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