Weirdness with my headphones.

They work fine on my phone, but when I plug them into my computer I can get either one side working, or the other. When I test them in Sound and have my speakers on, I get sound first from one speaker, then one side of the headphone. I’m updating my GeForce drivers now, because that particular magic spell often works like a charm to fix minor curses on my computer, but if that doesn’t work [UPDATE: it did not!] I’m gonna need more puissant wizardries.


5 thoughts on “Weirdness with my headphones.”

  1. USB headphones seem like witchcraft, to me. If they’ve got a standard stereojack, though, maybe it’s the receptacle on the PC?

    1. But, may also mean some weird setting got turned on in your sound drivers. It’ll take a *little* digging through settingcs dialogs, but it looks like there’s a checkbox for “Enable audio enhancements” you may want to verify is un-checked.

      1. And if that fails, maybe check to see if your audio drivers need updated *or* got updated for you, recently.

  2. Since they work with other devices, and you’ve ruled out the driver, it sounds like a contact issue.

    The easy solution would be grime. Clean off the plug with rubbing alcohol, then (with the computer OFF), use a pipe cleaner and rubbing alcohol to clean the inside of the jack.

    But it’s more likely that a contact point of the jack has been slightly bent.
    The good news is that it’s an easy fix, but I’m not sure how comfortable you are with opening your computer (or if you can without voiding warranty). It ought to be easily tweaked back into place with a pair of forceps, but if it needs to be replaced, the part isn’t expensive (ranging from under a buck to about $25).

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