Self-Tweet of the Day, Feel Free To Recalibrate Your Positions edition.

This is very persuasive to me. DIE HARD is a holiday movie. Just not the one we think.

Much, much more on this argument here.

Moe Lane

PS: DIE HARD 2 can still be a Christmas movie, though.


7 thoughts on “Self-Tweet of the Day, Feel Free To Recalibrate Your Positions edition.”

  1. In the meantime, I will continue to stand by my contention that Toradora is completely a Christmas anime. 🙂

    1. Expand that argument.
      Toradora *is* adorable, but I’m not quite seeing it as a Christmas movie.
      (Certainly a better use of your time than watching “Love, Actually”. But I wouldn’t call that a Christmas movie.)

        1. Don’t feel bad. If I got a dollar for each time I made a typo I’d be richer than Warren Buffet. 😄

      1. My line of argument would be based on the part of the story where we learn that Christmas and Santa are very important to Taiga and the scene where Ryuji came over to help her celebrate the holiday after becoming aware of it. Their relationship really did take an important step forward from that and the way the celebration of Christmas changed things really did make it a Christmas anime within my mind. 🙂

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