Second stretch goal down on the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Vol 2 Kickstarter! Halfway done!

Very exciting… but wait, there’s more! Here’s the current state of the stretch goals:

  • [REACHED!] $1,200: Story sampler! There are a few more stories at hand or nearly done for the Fermi Resolution, including at least one exclusive to this Kickstarter! Once we hit this stretch goal, I’ll put three of them in .epub and .pdf form, and send them to everybody who backed at the $10 level or above. Fulfillment of this will be completely independent of the regular schedule.
  • [REACHED!] $1,600: Extra art! I reached out to the talented Shaenon Garrity (who did my covers for FROZEN DREAMS and TINSEL RAIN) to do some merch-friendly art. At this stretch goal, everyone at the $5 level or above will receive digital copies of her piece, suitable for bookmarks, refrigerator magnets, and bookplates. A bit from the larger work is below:
Lucas needs to get a book from the library! What could go wrong?
  • $2,000: More sampler stories! At this point, the sampler will be five Fermi Resolution stories, including two ones exclusive to this sampler. It will be very close to a short episodic novel at that point, as all five stories will be set in the Falling Walls of Lunacy Marsh/Asenath Fermi Resolution horror sub-series. The Moon is not a nice place in a magical apocalypse. With these stories, you’ll get to see just how much. 
  • $2,400: More Fermi Resolution-themed art! I’ve gotten in touch with the talented Ben Fleuter (the artist for the TTRPG), and he’s got time in his schedule to get the other PC species drawn in the same style as below. Did you want Mermen, Ghulmen, and Oldmen character sketches? Because if we hit this stretch goals, you’re getting some!
  • [TBD]
  • $6,000: Banshee Beach! If we hit this goal, I will have enough cash on hand to move BANSHEE BEACH (the next Tom Vargas novel) on the production schedule from “next year” to “as soon as everything gets finished.” The book isn’t draft-worthy at the moment, needs cover art and layout, and is generally not ready to go – but cash-on-hand covers a multitude of sins. If you fund it, it will come.

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