Getting a feel for the plot.

June 21st
No relevant dreams.

It was raining enough today that I decided to go into Dunwich proper. Partially it was practical; Aylesbury may be a more developed town, but Dunwich is almost at the center of the region I’m surveying. The models indicate that the town will become a much more important regional hub after we finally Weave this place into the 22nd Century, so part of my job is to assess its potential growth rate. Even after Reform, it doesn’t hurt DepCom to know just where the real estate prices are going to spike suddenly.

But if I’m being honest here (and obviously I have to be), I’d be checking out Dunwich even if I didn’t have to. Morbid curiosity kind of dictates it. The Miskatonic Free State held off the USNA for almost six months, back during the Consolidation Wars, after all. I think the blockbuster teract they made of the war a couple of years ago is why DepCom decided to accelerate plans to finally Reweave this whole area. I admit to wondering just how much of the show made up, myself.

Yeah. Pretty much all of it.

To start off with, there aren’t any of the iconic buildings from the show, like the General Church or Fort Whateley. There is a plaque at the barren square where the Church was, before the Army finally came in and burned it down, but it’s pre-Reform old regime agitprop. I didn’t see any sign of the Fort at all. I’d access whether they just made it up for the teract, except I, well, can’t. You don’t realize just how much you rely on information access until you don’t have any.