Tweet of the Day, Here! Have Some Nightmare Fuel! edition.

I can come up with precisely one useful application for AI art: cosmic horror props. When you need something that hideously apes the works of man, hoping to trick your brain long enough for the trap to be sprung, AI’s gonna be your huckleberry. I mean, check this [expletive deleted] out:

From later in the thread: this is what they used for advertising.

…Those parents should be grateful they only lost forty bucks on the deal, instead of, I dunno, their brains and cerebrospinal fluid.

Via @Strangeland_Elf.

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Here! Have Some Nightmare Fuel! edition.”

  1. Looking at the ad copy, I think they had to have brain damage to buy in.

    It’s a horrible thing that we’re moving away from being a high trust society.
    But on the bright side, it’s going to teach a lot of people painful lessons about the importance of thinking critically. (Although if they haven’t learned from the past 4+ years…)

    Fair point on the image generators coming up with subtly horrifying things. My wife has been playing with it, and keeps getting cool things like a line illustration of a ladybug with a snarling cat head. (Which is not at all what she’s trying for, obviously.)

    1. On some of the image sites the “garbage” output ones are being posted with a note about what they were going for.

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