GAAAAH the bookmarks are off-center.

I’m still going to use them, because I want to give something out besides business cards and they’re not hideous, but I have had nothing but grief from my printing jobs this year. My new business cards were likewise off-center, mostly because Staples did a rush job after losing my order in the first place. At least, I hope it was just a rush job, instead of the manager having his petty little revenge*.

Oh, well, at least I’m getting the glitches out of the way early this vending season.

Moe Lane

*It’s an academic question, since I’ll be doing my future printing business elsewhere either way. Don’t smirk at me when you screw up my order. Just… don’t.

One thought on “GAAAAH the bookmarks are off-center.”

  1. Staples. Ugh.
    You’re not the only one who’s had bad experiences with them. (My wife likes to have them do her print jobs, because they’re close. They’ve yet to get one *right*, but she keeps doing it. Even though there are actual professional print shops only slightly farther away, and we’ve got everything we need to do most jobs at home. I don’t understand it.)

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