Reminder: Alabama and North Carolina primary runoff elections tonight.

There may be a surprise in NC-06:

…but I’m not going to pretend that I know the ins and outs of either NC-06 or AL-06. Neither is particularly in danger of flipping to the Democrats in November anyway.

RS Interview: Dr. Chad Mathis (R CAND, AL-06 PRI).

Talked with Dr. Mathis yesterday: he’s one of the guy’s running for Alabama’s opening seat in the Sixth District.  It is, for those wondering, a wondrously Republican district; so the June primary is very much a relevant one.  As you can see from the “Doctor,” Chad is a surgeon in real life; and as you might imagine, he has views on Obamacare.  Here’s the interview:

Dr. Mathis’s site is here: he’s also collecting Alabaman Obamacare horror stories at Hands Off Our Healthcare.  Hope his servers have plenty of cloud storage space…

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