*Third* time on the ACORN Hooker Advisory Train.

(Via @JTlol)This time, it’s Brooklyn. Which, as Big Government gleefully points out, is part of New York, which is one of the places that ACORN claims that the producers tried this sting and failed.

Second part of the video at the site: your call if they failed or not. Continue reading *Third* time on the ACORN Hooker Advisory Train.

Census Bureau Fires ACORN.

Big Government 1, ACORN 0.

In the wake of devastating video reports revealing corruption at local offices of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, the U.S. Census Bureau has cancelled its agreement calling for ACORN to work on the 2010 census.

“The Census Bureau has established criteria for partnerships…and reserves the right to decline partnership or terminate an existing partnership agreement with any group that 1) may create a negative connotation for the Census Bureau; 2) could distract from the Census Bureau’s mission; or 3) may make people fearful of participating in the census,” wrote Census Director Robert Groves in a letter today to ACORN President Maud Hurd. “To that end…we are today terminating our Partnership Agreement with ACORN.”

(Via Instapundit) Further comment unnecessary, except of course for my pious hope that ACORN tries to fight this decision all the way to the White House.  That’s the only way that this situation could be improved upon.

Moe Lane

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ACORN seems to be having a hooker advisement problem.

Take two for Big Government‘s investigation into ACORN’s sideline in setting up tax fraud for illegal exploitation of women: this time, Washington DC.  Who the hell comes into these offices, to make illegal underage El Salvadoran brothel setup issues seem relatively normal?

Moe Lane

PS: There’s at least one more.  The hint is subtle, but…

PPS: Why are we giving these people federal money?

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