Tweet of the Day, Nancy Pelosi Thinks That Americans Are Serfs Bound To The Land edition.

Marvel at the wisdom of the woman who the Democratic party is officially committed to making Speaker of the House again:

…Having worked in New York while living in New Jersey, I can say with some authority: madam, you are smoking the crack. Relative tax burdens are in fact a factor that goes into deciding where to live. It’s why people move to the suburbs. It’s why people find a job in a place where property taxes are lower. It’s why some people commute for two hours just to get to work.  Then again, considering just how massive a beneficiary of privilege Nancy Pelosi is – it’s amazing what being the child of a Maryland political family can do for your public policy career, yes? – we should just be grateful that she didn’t call us ‘peasants.’

Betcha she thought it, though.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

#rsrh Summing up @jimgeraghty ‘s summing up…

…of Dana Millbank’s article about his Israeli au pair*…

…You know, I can’t remember what I was going to say about Jim Geraghty’s post, past “Jim’s right.”  Probably something along the lines of noting that President Obama’s Jerusalem gaffe was sufficiently egregious that it’s got the head of the DNC whining about how Republicans shouldn’t take advantage of it.  Free hint, Debbie: if you don’t want to deal with the President making ignorant policy statements, then don’t let him make any.  Or quit your job; because we of the VRWC are neither required nor inclined to show mercy to a political opponent simply because he’s a bit of a bumbler with no real feel for his position.

Moe Lane

*Which I am not going to mock; I wouldn’t mind a live-in domestic assistant myself if we had the money and/or room for it, and if you’re going to have one then it makes perfect sense to have one that can field-strip a M-16.

I wonder who got fired over the Birnbaum oopsie.

Actually, knowing this administration, I wonder if somebody got fired for it:

It was a remarkable moment in President Barack Obama’s press conference Thursday: just hours before, the head of the Minerals Management Service had left the top post at the agency that oversees offshore oil drilling.

And yet, the president said he didn’t know whether Liz Birnbaum had resigned or been fired.

If he or she didn’t get fired… well, the First Commandment of the White House Staff has always been Thou Shalt Not Make The President Look Like A Blithering Idiot* In Public.  It would be positively uncivil of me to try to encourage the executive branch of government to regularly transgress said commandment, at least until we get a President from my party in the Oval Office again.

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