Also from the Wish List: Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band Live: 1975-85 (3CD).

This was one of the first compilations I ever had as an adult: I listened to one tape so many times that  it broke.  I am pleased as punch that one of my most excellent readers got it for me for my birthday; truly, my colleagues should be most envious of my good fortune.

As to the pledge drive generally… a last minute contribution will allow me to buy the upgraded iPod after all; I should probably commemorate that by giving the old one to charity. I’m sure that somebody out there could get some use out of it.

Moe Lane

[UPDATE]: I forgot to mention: I’m pretty sure that I was at one of the concerts that this album recorded. I got to go because my sister used me as a warm body to stand in line to get more tickets, and then my parents explained to her afterward that this meant that I could go.

…Man, this entire post is an exercise in things-of-the-past.