Another pro-choicer rejected for Vatican ambassadorship.

I am curious about how many times this administration plans to insult the Roman Catholic Church:

Vatican blocks Caroline Kennedy appointment as US ambassador

The Vatican has blocked the appointment of Caroline Kennedy as US ambassador, according to reports.

Vatican sources told Il Giornale that their support for abortion disqualified Ms Kennedy and other Roman Catholics President Barack Obama had been seeking to appoint.

You would think that after the Vatican made it so clear that Kmiec was unacceptable that he never even made it on the list the White House would take the hint and find a pro-life Democratic Catholic for the job; apparently not. You would also think that this language was clear: Continue reading Another pro-choicer rejected for Vatican ambassadorship.

If this is how NY liberals are feeling, we’re going to have fun in 2010.

Wow.  I haven’t commented about Maureen Dowd in ages.  There’s this entire nostalgia vibe going on here.

For those who don’t feel like risking the SAN/Intelligence loss that can come from reading one of Dowd’s columns, let me summarize: I like Blagojevich more than I like Paterson, because Blagojevich is clearly insane – do you hear that, Illinois voters? Insane – and Paterson did my friend Marquise Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg wrong by not picking her right away.  That let the awful, awful Clintons destroy the chances for the best choice for the NY Senate, and never mind all those Republicans out there who were revving their chainsaws and grinning evilly.  I hope that they primary that gun-loving, bailout hating Gillibrand – and that they primary that adulterous, drug-using governor, too!  That’ll show ’em.

OK, I may have added a little subtext there, but really: the title is “Whose Governor is wackier?” and everything (via Hot Air Headlines).  That tells you something right there. Continue reading If this is how NY liberals are feeling, we’re going to have fun in 2010.