Mark Begich, carpetbagger.

Hey, I’m just following the same rules that Begich stalking horse Put America First PAC is trying to implement: “A Super PAC in support of Sen. Mark Begich (D., Alaska) is attacking his Republican opponent for having a home out of Alaska despite the fact that Begich himself owns a home in Washington, D.C.” Essentially, one of the Republican candidates (Dan Sullivan) bought a house in the DC area while Sullivan was in DC, serving his country in both a military and civilian capacity.  Which is exactly what Begich is currently doing, except of course that Mark Begich has never actually served in the military (not that that should matter).

I know, I know: it’s absurd to expect people to commute from Alaska to DC.  Which is not stopping from the Super PAC from making the smear; and, of course, candidates do not coordinate with Super PACs*. But there is nothing stopping Mark Begich from making the following statement:

It has come to my attention that there have been questions raised about one of my opponent’s places of residence.  Serving the public while being from Alaska provides unique challenges: we can’t just hop back to Juneau or Anchorage every weekend, much as we’d like to.  So Dan Sullivan did what I did: he bought a house while in active government service.  Anyone who wants to make an issue of this does not speak for me, and I will not have my good name associated with such tactics.

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