“The typical American is not a good citizen…”

(Via Glenn Reynolds) I’d submit this without comment:

…except where’s the fun in that? Not that I have much to add: when you have members of your group saying things like “The typical American is not a good citizen” further commentary may seem a touch unfair. I will note that if this group is typical then the NWF people are building up quite the conspiracy theory for themselves; par for the course, mind you, but still worth pointing out. They also don’t seem to like the rest of us very much.

Which is also par for the course.

Moe Lane

PS: If there was a protester with an American flag at that rally, I missed it. Didn’t see any in the DC video, either. Boulder? Nope.

Hmm. Do I detect a theme?

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Turnout low in IL-05.

This has been noticed by both Ace and Geraghty (and again, here): turnout’s low in IL-05.  How low?  Rahm Emanuel forgot to vote.  I am not writing this to offer false hope: it’s an incredibly tough district for us to win, and Rosanna Pulido hasn’t exactly gotten her party behind her.  But, oddly enough, neither has Mike Quigley.  He’s heavily favored to win, but he’s gotten virtually no support  – which is odd; you’d think that the Democrats wouldn’t turn their nose up at hyping an easy win, particularly since they’re either 0-for-3 or 0-for-4, depending on how you think NY-20’s going right now.  But this one is being pretty much left up to the candidates.

If I had to guess, I don’t think that establishment Democrats want to lose the seat, per se: they just don’t think that making sure that they don’t lose it is worth the effort.  After all, Emanuel’s going to want to go back to the House some day.  Quigley in that seat will be harder to dislodge than a GOP interloper.

I guess that we’ll see tonight.  In the meantime, if you live in IL-05, go vote.  Either way, you’re probably going to tick off the Illinois Democratic party.

Moe Lane

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Planning a tax protest in Atlanta.

This site should be interesting, both for people who live in Atlanta and people who want to see how you go about organizing some protests against this debt bill that we’ve been saddled with.

Here are some tips on organizing a demonstration.

Michelle Malkin is collecting her own links to demonstrations: of most immediate interest is the one in Chicago. Also, see this article on the topic, which includes handy quotes from a liberal activist who sneers at people like YOUR MOTHER for being upset about Obama indulgently signing the Democrats’ pork wish list.

Via Glenn Reynolds, who should have linked to his book.