Christina Ricci rumored to be under consideration for Morticia.

HEY! WE’RE ALL OLD! “Tim Burton is developing a spin-off series at Netflix based on The Addams Family daughter, Wednesday… [a report says] production is looking at franchise alum Christina Ricci to join the cast as Wednesday’s mother Morticia Addams.”

Seriously, though, I’m down. I am fine with Tim Burton trying his hand at The Addams Family and it’s a clever conceit, using Ricci to play Morticia. Successful or not, Burton will at least make the movie interesting. That’s not always guaranteed, when you’re talking about a sequel to an existing IP.

…Yeah, I agree with the above, but that’s not what I’m coming back to. What I’m coming back to is, again, somehow I’m in my fifties and the kid I watched in the movies is now maybe going to play that character’s mother. What happened?