MOLES! Sy Hersh sees Cheney MOLES in the Pentagon!

They whisper to Hersh in the night, you know.

They tell Hersh to do things. Things that he promised his mother that he’d never ever do, because he was a good boy:

Cheney has moles in Obama Administration, reporter says

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has moles in the Obama government which report back to him from the Pentagon, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh told NPR and MSNBC on Tuesday.

Speaking with NPR’s Terri Gross, Hersh revealed that the former Vice President — who he characterized as “really smart” — has individuals that report back to him from key positions in government. He called these individuals “stay-behinds,” an intelligence term generally applied to insiders left behind in foreign governments after the occupying power is driven out.

But thank God that he’s got Keith Olbermann to listen to him talk about the moles. Hersh never believed any of those lies that the sinister-weasels said about Olbermann, by the way: he knows that Olbermann’s Magic Piece of Paper is everything that Olbermann says that it is.  The weasels plot with the moles, you see.  They’re all in league with each other!  And it all goes back to Cheney*!

But he’s been good! He wants his mother to know that he’s been a good boy! No matter what the moles whisper.

Moe Lane

*The man has gone fishing, ye Leftists. He was also never really into you guys in the first place. Try to accept that, OK? It’s not healthy for you. I mean, look at Sy Hersh: he’s one mini-stroke away from starting to babble about Reptoids. Including, alas, all the bits about the Jews.

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Now, Olbermann, there’s nothing *wrong* with going to a cow college.

Not the Ivy League, but still nothing to be ashamed of.  Or try to cover up.

Via Ace of Spades… as Ann Coulter* says, many good and decent people go to agricultural schools. Many of them even major in communications. But… well, we’ll let Ann speak for herself:

…most people who majored in “communications” at an ag school don’t act like Marshall Scholars or go around mocking graduates of Regent University Law School.

The sort of insecurity that would force you to always say “trebled” instead of “tripled” could only come from a communications major with massive status anxiety, like Keith. Without even looking it up, I am confident that Harvard, Yale and Princeton do not offer degrees in “communications.” I know there is no “communications” major at the Ivy League Cornell.

“Communications” is a major, along with “recreation science,” most commonly associated with linemen at USC. But at least the linemen can throw a football, which Keith cannot because his mother decided he was not physically robust enough to play outdoors as a child.

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