Turns out that the DABA thing…

was a parody after all. For those who don’t remember, DABA was Dating a Banker Anonymous, which purported to be the blog of a bunch of women who were having to deal with the horrors of being involved with men who suddenly weren’t rich. I mentioned it here and here, which is one reason why I’m bringing it up again now; there may be somebody who cares enough to appreciate the correction.

The other reason?
Aretha, of course.

Hey, I put up Donna Summer the last time.  Fair’s fair.

Moe Lane

PS: Just in case she ever reads this: madam, my wife loved your hat.

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This recession isn’t *all* bad.

Because I think that I can say with some certainty that, on the Great List of People and Groups Whose Economic Status I’m Worrying About*, the wives, girlfriends, and mistresses of suddenly-anxious Wall Street financial types is somewhere on the part of the sheet still left in the printer when I ripped out the list in a hurry on my way out the door.  Extra credit for the blog, which I cannot make myself link to.  I’ve tried.  It just ain’t happening.

I suggest that they start dating electricians.  If the electricians are interested, of course.  Although Allahpundit’s apparently willing to take the hit for the team…

Moe Lane

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