4/10 done of TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Vol 2 edits.

Things are moving along. I even got to keep more of my colons and semicolons for this story! Truly, June is the best month of the year.

Don’t forget to pick up the first volume of TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION! Some of the characters from those stories show up again in the upcoming anthology! There’s continuity! Amazing!


Mental note to self: never self-publish a novel without getting it edited.

There’s a book that I read today.  It would have been a great book to recommend, except that it had one problem: it was horribly edited. All the author clearly did was run it through a spell check; so there were run-on sentences, the wrong word used (the ‘populous/populace’ mix-up has infested many a manuscript), bad punctuation, open quotes, at least one paragraph where three sentences were run into each other and then somebody ran off with the period, that sort of thing. It kind of grated, after a while.

I understand that editing can cost a lot of money, particularly when you’re somebody who doesn’t realistically expect to sell all that many copies of your e-book.  But there’s such a thing as false economy. In this specific case, I can’t in good conscience recommend the book I was reading today, even though I personally enjoyed it. I’d like to, but I can’t. So maybe that cost the author a sale?