Day called on account of essentially everything.

I’m in the middle of Christmas prep, and I still got coming up dinner, a walk with my wife, a consultation on my barony’s website, and a viewing of TREMORS scheduled with the eldest. Look, I love you folks to death and everything, but I’m taking the night off. I might even have one of the beers lurking in the back of the fridge.


Taking a *creative* break for the rest of the week.

It’s the last week of school for the kids, family’s visiting, and mostly I just want to get some Father’s Day R&R time in. Have a few beers, enjoy some afternoon summer naps, maybe grill things this weekend. Pretty standard stuff, but vacations are weird under the stay-at-home dad system.

I dunno. Maybe I’ll watch movies for the rest of the week. That’d be nice. I’ve never actually seen THE USUAL SUSPECTS all the way through, you know? I should remedy that.