Four out of five signs of DOOM.

Benjamin Sarlin has compiled a list of… well, five signs of DOOM: by his and my count we’ve hit four of them.  The fifth (We Totally Meant To Lose Anyway) will probably hit in force after the next time Cook and/or Rothenberg update their list of Democrats whose staffers need to update their resumes and/or start shredding the paperwork in anticipation of Darrell Issa’s 2011 Investigation-O-Rama.

But I’d add a sixth: GOTV Will Save Us! It’s an old crowd favorite, mostly because it’s not necessarily untrue.  GOTV can save you.  It never does, but it can.

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Introducing Concord Project.

It’s a website dedicated to promoting grassroots GOTV for the Right, on a practical level: how to do it, how not to do it (particularly if you’re an employer), advice on why you need to do unglamorous, tedious and non-sexy tasks like walking the district to recruit voters and donors… things like that. Of particular interest to conservatives is the emphasis on precinct committeemen (which is something that RedState has brought up in the past, but bears repeating):

Concord Project is up and running today, and they’re looking for people to be involved on the state level. From what I’ve seen and read, this election cycle there’s an existing and welcome interest in GOTV by the Right – a polite way of saying that ‘conservatives are ready to crawl across broken glass in order to vote this year’ – but enthusiasm may be outstripping organizational awareness and skill. Hopefully, this will help in that regard.

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President Obama concedes loss of House in 2010.

The race card? Sure.

But, more importantly, Obama played the GOTV Card here. The political junkies on both sides are now nodding: everybody else, watch this video and it’ll be discussed in just a bit.

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