The Very Seinfeld UNFROSTED trailer.

As somebody has undoubtedly pointed out already, UNFROSTED – a highly inaccurate account of the creation of the Pop-Tart – sounds exactly like the kind of movie that Jerry Seinfeld’s character Jerry Seinfeld would have gotten involved in on the TV show SEINFELD. You keep expecting to hear the scene change music. If Newman isn’t this show at some point I’m going to be really, really disappointed.

I dunno if it’s gonna suck or not. At least it’s different, right? …Or at least it’s the humor of my twenties. That’s not nothing.

Tweet of the Day, Jerry Seinfeld Demonstrates Guru-Level #Trollin edition.

There’s trolling, and then there’s expert trolling, and then there’s Grand Master trolling, and then there’s this.

It’s always a pleasure to see a true expert at his or her work. Jerry Seinfeld spent four and a half minutes ripping into the gathered luminaries of the advertising industry to their face and at their own awards ceremony, and they ate it all up and asked for more. Perfectly timed, too: thirty more seconds and people would have started to stop laughing.