Grassley’s revenge? Here’s hoping.

File this under Not even remotely surprising:

Eligible to pick among a trio of committee chairmanships in the coming Republican-majority U.S. Senate, Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley has settled on the powerful Judiciary Committee.

“Oversight is too often overlooked as Congress focuses on new legislation,” Grassley told The Des Moines Register in a statement this morning. “So, anybody who knows my efforts in this area will understand that the Judiciary Committee’s work will reflect that sentiment. My goal is to promote transparency and accountability and restore the committee’s role as a true check on the massive and powerful federal bureaucracy.”

…Also, it will give Chuck Grassley endless opportunities over the next two years to put trial lawyers through pluperfect hell (thank you, Larry Niven). As the sarcastic Tweet below references, back during the campaign Bruce Braley pretty much doomed his Senate chances by telling a bunch of out-of-state trial lawyers that if Braley wasn’t elected then an Iowa farmer would be chairing Judiciary. And lo! Braley was a prophet, apparently. This is a remarkable opportunity for Sen. Grassley to simultaneously make his name shine among conservatives and make life miserable for a reliably Democratic (and not very well-liked) demographic: one hopes that he will take up this challenge with both hands, and swing it. Continue reading Grassley’s revenge? Here’s hoping.

Ron Johnson’s Blue-Slipping of Joe Biden’s Victoria Nourse.

Let me tell you a tale of the incompetence of Vice President Joe Biden.  Trust me, this one is even better than usual.

Once upon a time, back in the days when Joe Biden was a bad Senator instead of a bad Vice President, he had a staffer named Victoria Nourse.  Ms. Nourse’s major claim to fame was ‘helping’ to write the (later deemed partially-unconstitutional) Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) that was one of Senator Biden’s signature pieces of legislation; ‘helped’ is in square quotes because originally Biden took full credit for the law – like Biden typically does – until he got caught at it in 2007.  This was, of course, perhaps a little awkward… but then events transpired in 2008 that Senator Biden became Vice President Biden, which meant that Ms. Nourse could be given a nice consolation prize of a federal judgeship.

Continue reading Ron Johnson’s Blue-Slipping of Joe Biden’s Victoria Nourse.

#rsrh Topic for discussion: electing judges.

Sparked by this report that apparently George Soros is pushing against electing non-federal judges: aside from the general rule of thumb of ‘George Soros does not generally act in what he what he would consider America’s best interests,’ are judicial elections a good thing, or not?


Moe Lane

PS: I don’t know.